"My anaconda don’t …"


"My anaconda don’t …"


"My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!"


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that being said, I do want to make stuff at some point and I have such a strong selection of images for what I want that thing to look like but a) no motivation to do it, and b) I have very little experience in stringing those images together, or coming up with stuff to fill in the many many gaps


when you make Togepi use metronome and they use explosion but it doesn’t kill the opponent pokemon


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it’s weird. more adult animated shows now, family guy, bob’s burgers, archer, really don’t grab me in the slightest, despite having seen a few episodes of each (fewer in each as the list continues) and there are distinct elements of my sense of humour in each of them

that being said, the shows I do enjoy have elements in them that I don’t like, or lack elements I need

man, I have no idea what I like in a tv show

I appreciate spongebob so much more now than I did when I was a kid

it’s just a shame there was no overarching storyline to hook my interest now

it’d just be me waiting for a good joke once every 15 minutes with not much else to latch on to


this is seriously my favorite episode

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We don’t touch…well, not directly. Prophylactically, yes.

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Hoenn was created after Groudon and Kyogre were formed. Groudon raised the landmasses and Kyogre filled the seas that would later become Hoenn. The meeting of these two created a great battle for supremacy until it was quelled by Rayquaza, sending Groudon and Kyogre into caverns where they rested until they were awakened many years later during the course of events in Generation III. The moving of the continents by Regigigas created Hoenn, and when Regigigas was sent to sleep in the Snowpoint Temple in Sinnoh, Regirock, Registeel, and Regice, the keys to awakening it, were sealed away in Hoenn.

Its so beautiful I could cry!! 

I am SO excited for this game

it looks so good

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today i learned that my imac has magnets in it
or my fork has magnets in it

today i learned that my imac has magnets in it

or my fork has magnets in it



a real romantic plot

what the fuck

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talking to people and making vlogs are similar in that I always want to do it but have nothing to do it about

It’s my day off, but here I am, still pouring glasses of alcohol

Anonymous said: Can I ask where you go to uni because I feel like I might've seen you around my campus?

I study at NUA, which is Norwich University of the Arts. and we don’t actually have a campus per se. - we have several buildings scattered around the same general area around our city :)

if it helps I’m also 6’ tall and my resting face is best described as “looks like I’m lost”, though I never actually am.

Oh, I see how it is… challenge her but not me… I feel hurt :( </3

in my defence I challenged her because I think it’d piss her off!