I was in a meeting earlier and a woman said “it’s funny, all at once, these men grow beards, and when that happens the birthrate drops because nobody wants to have sex with them. and then eventually the men catch on and they shave and then the birthrate goes up again”

and I was sitting there thinking “man, she has no idea”


Concept art for The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

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To be fair, I thought he was a bit of a pretentious knobber even in the book…

josh has spoken!

yeah no he totally was there too, but you could kind of get away with it a bit because the character was still heavily down to interpretation? 

but like now he’s a face and a body with one person’s interpretation in mind so in the book it was like “I can see how he’d be shitty” but now it’s like “yup”

yeah no I’m 100% sure that augustus is one of those characters that on paper is nice and a p cool person but on screen comes across as “ooh do my thoughtful metaphoric ways intrigue and impress you?” levels of pretentious and annoying


The new super smash bros looks amazing


The new super smash bros looks amazing

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man, it’s been a year since I’ve heard anything about/from david walliams and the moment he appeared on screen I got so angry

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anyway that’s discussions about comedy over now let’s move on to the debilitating heartache

a few weeks ago a housemate of mine tried putting on a show called impractical jokers and tried convincing us that it was “fucking hilarious” and it turned out to be a hidden camera prank show. and he was like “well fuck you guys” when three of us said it was dumb as shit. and that’s really telling of his sense of humour and of his personality as a whole. shitty, and ignorant of others. “you disagree? you’re wrong”

but whenever there’s a joke about white guys on my dashboard it pretty accurately sums him up so


I think I prefer American stand up comedy to British

British stand ups tend to rely on mockery and negativity a lot which I’m not fond of

Whereas the American stand ups I’ve liked can be more positive and less offensive. Also American comedians are better at visual humour (who’s line is it anyway US is much better than UK for these reasons I think)

Whereas I think british comedians are better at comedy panel shows because I think they’re better at quick comebacks and stuff like that. I don’t like Mock the Week because it’s obviously scripted right through but things like Would I Lie to You, QI and The Unbelievable Truth are really good

yeah I think I agree with this

british comedy panel shows can be really good but stand-up for the most part is fucking dreadful

I think that because audiences know they can hear certain jokes about certain subjects on certain shows, they’re maybe less likely to go to stand-up shows where that’s what the comedian does? because it’s like, “hey, I can listen to this humour on QI for free” or something. but idk it’s not something I’ve thought a great deal about. I’ve just known I didn’t like it and that’s been that.

I favour comedians who are family friendly, but not really because they’re family friendly? like, it feels fresher and more creative to hear milton jones or tim vine misinterpret or misunderstand something than it does to hear frankie boyle say “this person’s a slut. we’d be better off if this person was dead. this person is a cunt”

though tbh I don’t know a great deal of american stand-ups. I enjoyed demetri martin when I was younger, and I really enjoy andy kaufman, and jim carrey’s stand up. but those are all kinda old examples I think. oh and louis ck.

I think this makes for a decent example of where my humour comes from. it’s all shitty dad jokes and “bits”.

oh my god every background character in spongebob squarepants has a name


jesus jones I haven’t done a sketch in so long

that’s probably next if I can come up with some stuff

four thousand months from now

I’m home and so now I can post this

a video about fan theory


This is the messiest room I’ve stayed in in a looooong time. also known as my brother’s room

This is the messiest room I’ve stayed in in a looooong time. also known as my brother’s room

Made a video about fan theory. I’m on an iPad so I can’t post a direct link.


I would’ve liked to cover more ground but it wasn’t that interesting. man why do people listen to me when I say things. I have no idea.

I have no idea how videos like this are received but videos where I’m like “hey, not-real situations!” are my favourite.

I imagine the best way to begin a conversation with me is to ask me about stuff like fan theory, or superpowers, or those kind of elements. I could go on about stuff like that for hours.

don’t you dare ask me what I’d take to a desert island though. that’s a dumb one.


It’s 1pm I’m still in bed.

Team 1pm represent